The First and Last

The day will come to drink my last pint The day of my last sunrise. The day of my last meal. Chances are I won’t Recognise it as the last Of those things. Little things, simple things Inconsequential in themselves But on that day massive. As monumental as the Day of my first breath. The…

living in the now

living in the now takes practice to be conscious of thoughts and emotion takes discipline and time (now is the only time) the past and future don’t exist except in the mind which is not self  but ego fearful and false now is all there is where self and being reside


It’s a four hour drive from West Cork To Tallaght Hospital, Where we sit waiting For the consultant’s call In a quiet corridor deep in the bowels As above and around us, unseen, Lives are measured, weighed, analysed And eventually handed back, then foldered Until the next round of waiting begins.  

Man Flu

Streaming eyes , Honking nose, Rumbling chest, Weakened legs, Tea and toast, Brought to me In bed, What’s not to love ?   (C) Billy Dunphy 2019  

Carry Me

You don’t know it babe, But today you have to carry me. As you move about the house, Doing your thing, I’m sitting trying to get a grip Of whatever it is that’s flattening me. I’ll try not to let you know. I’ll try not to impinge on you, Afraid to drag you with me….

Spring in West Cork

Beneath clouds laden with grey intent Rooks are gathering to roost, The foaming frenzied ocean Scours the sodden beach, As I drive the winding road, Homeward bound, To a hearty meal, a roaring fire And a love that never fails.   (c) Billy Dunphy 2019  


When my words were all stripped from me And left my brain worse than useless, When the tunes ceased to flow And my fingers feared to touch the strings and keys, When the canvas refused my brush And paint cracked on the palette, When lethargy crushed my soul, I was left naked, despondent, despairing, Stripped…

Gigging in the Sky.

Yesterday morning started off with watching this video, one of my favourites of all time. Nothing like a great guitar riff to start the day. Great singing, guitar solos, bang on drumming. And that bass !!

” Jesus On The Mainline. “

  This is the beauty of You Tube. Way back in the day, I recorded the concert the above clip is taken from, from the telly onto my video recorder. Younger people of a certain age  will have no idea what a VCR is. I watched it over and over and over again. The expert…


  Dealing with elderly people can be difficult and trying. A lot of stress and anxiety can be caused as is indicated by the swords cards, leading to cutting words been spoken by both sides.