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Does anybody else remember those happy days when reporting on golf was restricted to the British Open and occasionally the Irish Open ? And if they were reported on at all it was always the last it…

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Facebook Warriors (a little doggerel)


Come all you Facebook warriors

And listen to my call !

Millions of us proud and strong

Sitting,typing, Continue reading

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“Sometimes … I just sits.”

” Each day, at round about the same time, the old man would shuffle quietly into the church, bless himself, nod towards the altar and sit into the same place in the same pew right at the back of the church. Continue reading

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New Year “resolutions” part 10


It begins as a new year and then a few weeks go by and it’s a new month. Before you know it, it’s the beginning of a new season. So here I am now at the beginning of a new week, Continue reading

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A Falling Leaf.

Nor guilt nor grief

Shall torment me

When in the ground

I lie.

For Continue reading

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Is This a Poem ?


What a strange time. What a strange place to be. Within me . Without me . Floating and sinking at at the same time. Feeling deeply . Not feeling at all. Holding back. Letting go. Reaching out. Curling into a ball. Smiling . Frowning. Laughter and tears. One begetting the other. Neither elation nor depression. Flatness. Emptiness. Forgetfulness recalling all. Memories for what they’re worth. Priceless dreams. Hopeless realities. Pulling it all together and letting go. Faces and names .Floating past yet real to themselves. Where are you tonight ? Where were you today and yesterday ? Where are we now ? We are where we are . We can be nowhere else. This is our time. This is all we have. Let there be no regrets. Let there be no time lost. Let there be no love spurned. Let us be.

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Today’s Tarot

” What do I need to know for today ? “

It’s Tuesday, March 29th and I am sitting here trying to put a post together, struggling against lethargy, tiredness, procrastination and a general feeling of being washed out. I want to be doing this. I don’t want to be doing this. Continue reading

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I Will Break These Chains That Bind Me

I read this post yesterday and as it articulates a lot of what I am thinking at the moment I have reblogged it from the site I follow

This site is well worth a visit.

Simple Living Over 50

chained_from_light_by_proxycomics-d9ev42yIt has been two years since I started this mission to get back in good health. I quit smoking, started working out and changed my diet to eating from nature. In the last several months I have made some changes for the worst. I have been skipping workouts and eating some pretty crappy food. Today I am making the effort to re-kindle that flame I once had burning.

Although I have made several efforts this year to try to get back into the swing of things I have found too many reasons to stop. As of today I will dedicate 1 hour out of each morning to get a workout in. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good workout or a shitty workout, I will workout.

I will get back on track and give deep thought about every mouthful of food I put into my body and make the right…

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Flanders 1914 – Brussels 2016

There is so much I want to say that I am almost speechless.

Brussels, Paris, Ankara, Istanbul, New York, Baghdad, Aleppo……………..

The list goes on and no doubt will be added to before any form of a solution is found. Solution to what ? Well you may ask. I don’t know where we can even start nor what it is we can hope for, nor what it is we should be aiming for ….

peace? harmony? understanding? reconciliation? common ground? healing? revenge? annihilation? hatred? destruction? suspicion? fear?

There’s another list that could go on and on and again I don’t know anymore what should be uppermost in our minds and aims. I don’t even know who “we” are anymore. Who are “they”?

So….just for today I want to share Luka Bloom’s beautiful song “Isabelle”, he imagining a child in Belgium in 1914, innocent and free, totally unaware of the firestorm rushing towards her.

What lies in wait for our children ?


” Isabelle was a dreamer

Unaware of passing time.

She’d walk the fields ’til evening

Creating melodies and rhymes.

Far away from Flanders

Men were mapping out a war ”

(Luka Bloom)


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World Poetry Day March 21st (Yesterday !)

If I’d known

I’d’ve written a poem !

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