Frosty morning

‘Twas a beautiful morning this morning. Crisp clear freezing. The car had to be defrosted before I headed off to work. The roads were white and a hint of ice meant I had to be careful with the speed. No matter. The sun was rising golden behind a bank of cloud above the Wicklow mountains away to the East.Β The sky overhead was wonderfully blue and strangely enough in work everyone had a smile. ‘Twas good to be alive !Β 


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  1. Yes, but when I was driving your car across the Hill of Allen yesterday evening, it was the enormous, round, yellow moon hanging just above the trees that caught my attention. How I didn’t crash I don’t know as it was mesmerising. Thin dark vapoury clouds wisped around it at times and was particularly beautiful if not eerie when viewed through the bare, black branches of the ancient oaks that bordered the fields. I almost didn’t need my headlights for it lit up everything for miles around. It was dark but I could make out all the livestock in the fields and the church spire in the distance. Truly an artist’s or photographer’s delight.


  2. queasypaddy says:

    At this time of year both early morning and late evening can be beautiful- not to mention the middle of the day. In fact every season has its own beauty . Those of us who appreciate the four seasons could not live happily for long in any part of the world which does not enjoy the wonder they each bring.


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