bad sleep, awake since 6.00 am, didn’t bother with the sleeping tablet, not even the half, lay awake for a time, then plugged in the radio on the phone as my love drifted off to her sleep, bless her, listened to some easy early morning sounds when the DJ played a track from the Band, and afterwards said that today would have been Rick’s 70th birthday, he passed on in 1999, which means, if my Maths are right, that he was the age I am now, that jolted me somewhat, hit me somewhere deep down, always loved his voice, his bass playing, seemed to be a really decent man, judging by his interviews and what people have to say about him, eventually got up, left my love sleeping, been playing Rick’s music since, watching him and Levon, another great, and Richard, their music shooting through me, great musicians moved on, thinking of Conor and Adam, young, gifted, gifts to us who knew them, reunited with their higher selves, smiling and bright…..


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