“Things” on cars !

You get into your car, turn on the ignition, turn on the radio perhaps, check the mirrors, indicate and drive off. At least that’s what I do 99% of the time and I imagine it’s what the vast majority of drivers do 99% of their times.
I am by no means a perfect driver . I have my idiosyncracies and faults, chief of which is to put my seatbelt on after the car has begun to move. The more observant among you will have noticed that I had not mentioned the seat belt in the list of manoeuvres above !
On the other hand some drivers, young mostly, add revving to their list.This is because they have “things” fitted to their cars to increase the noise of the exhaust.If you happen to read this and know what the “things” are called and feel tempted to share your knowledge with me … please don’t. I’m not in the slightest bit interested ! Also, I don’t want to know for fear that by knowing, I might somehow be seen to countenance this behaviour if by some misfortune I happen to be caught in conversation with one of them about their “things”. No thank you .
They sit in, start their infernal engines and then rev them to high heaven three or four times! Why ? For what purpose ? Is it that they want to be noticed and envied by those of us who don’t have “things” fitted to our cars . I doubt it very much, because they are blissfully unaware that any one exists outside the small bubble of their existence, other than like-minded creatures, mostly of the opposite sex. By the way, the revving procedure is repeated when parking.

That’s it. Have to go . There’s one pulling up outside even as I speak !


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