I’ve been at this all day, hopefully getting somewhere. Today’s assignment was to take control of my title and tag line, which I did. Yesterday’s was to write an introduction, which I’m not sure whether I have or not . That’s not strictly true as I wrote at least two introductions, both of which I have failed to post successfully. Now that I seem to have actually posted something I’ll try again. ( This post is edited !)

My name is Billy. I retired eighteen months ago, after 35 years of primary school teaching. I began blogging three years ago but life, as they say, got in the way and my early attempt fizzled out and stopped. I am a musician,a song writer and a poet, with a great interest in photography. I began drawing and painting a number of years ago thanks to the encouragement of my lovely partner, Vivien. She herself is a professional blogger and a wonderful writer. I hope to share those aspects of myself and I look forward to whatever feedback I get.

Life for the last number of years has been emotionally,physically, mentally and spiritually exhausting. A roller coaster of a ride which is beginning to slow down somewhat and as a result I feel I need a focus in my day. I’m hoping this site will provide that.

I know it was not part of either assignment, but I also tried to change my address. That for the moment was a step too far.

Looking forward to tomorrow already.

Keep on rocking in the free world !!


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  1. What subjects did you teach, Billy? I hope that you’ll share some of your poetry, music, and photos with us, too. Welcome to blogging!


    1. queasypaddy says:

      Hi Holly,
      I was a Primary School teacher, usually teaching 10 year olds . I would have had one class for the year , so I did every subject with them.
      I’m really only starting to blog so I have a lot to learn but I have plans to share all I can. I shared a certain amount on Facebook but I want my own site.
      My about page is badly in need of filling out, so I plan to work on that over the next while. Your idea of using visuals is a very good one.
      Thank you for getting in touch.

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      1. I’m more text-oriented, myself. See my About page, and you may appreciate the humor you find there.


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