Silence in the Burren

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Do you remember that day we drove out from Ennis to the Burren and how, when we got there, we stepped out of the car and stood in amazement listening to …… the Silence ?

Not a sound ! Not one bird did sing ! Cattle standing in a field, mute witnesses to our passing ! Not a human sound from any direction ! A silence we had not found anywhere on this island. As if we had been transported from our time back through the ages to a time of silence, shrouded in mist and ancient magic !

We have walked the hills, mountains and forests. We have cycled the midlands. We have escaped to the sea. And always the question has been: where is the silence?

Do you remember Laois, when I lived in Kylebeg, where we would sit on the lawn as the sun began to set, lighting up the Slieve Blooms, glass of wine in hand, watching the rooks return to their nests,as mares relaxed in paddocks with their newborn foals ? And if the wind came from the south, we would hear from over Knockaroo, the hill behind us, the sound of Ā ….. the motorway !!

We will return to the Burren one day and rejoice in the silence and the magic.


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