A Fish Out of Water

Floundering around lost ! Made the same mistake this morning as I did on Monday . I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm, so I started working from my phone, from the bed. Without knowing what I was doing, I somehow managed to change my theme. Success you might think, but not to my mind as I did not know what I was doing or why.

When I did get to my laptop, I read properly the assignment and took off into all of the suggested sites, read people’s comments in the Commons and had a look at some of the themes they chose for their sites. Eventually I decided to set up a private test blog to experiment on. That ended up as an actual blogging site named gallybander.wordpress. com ! It’s unlikely that you will ever see anything appear on it. ( The word ” gallybander ” will be explained sometime in the future. ) One site is enough for me at the moment Thank you !

I’m back on the mobile again as Google Chrome has decided to cease responding.


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