Spotifying for you !

I’ve been listening to Maria McKee a lot recently. This was her big hit back in the day. For some reason I checked her out on Spotify and have been blown away by her music and songs. ย Hope you enjoy this song. It featured in the film ” Days of Thunder “, I’ve been reliably informed by Viv, who is sitting at the kitchen table beside me, painting faces for her two latest boudoir dolls : Marianne Faithfull and Coco Chanel .


About queasypaddy

I am a musician, sometime poet and songwriter, a budding artist and a separated, retired primary school teacher, in a happy relationship which is caring, sharing and supportive.
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2 Responses to Spotifying for you !

  1. jjz3 says:

    Hmmm, Maria McKee, takes me back. Shelter is the one I couldn’t stop listening to.


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