Walking Through Autumn

I wrote this poem a few months ago and walking in the forest yesterday brought it back to mind. I thought I’d share it even though it is Spring ! The forest looks nothing like it did last Autumn, as you would expect. The trees are still bare and the undergrowth has yet to emerge. We expect to see parts of the forest floor covered in bluebells soon. For some reason which I can’t remember, we missed their flowering last year. Not so this year !As we walked I got an idea for a new poem which I look forward to channeling.


We went for a walk in our local forest today.

At that time when the day’s work is done,
When the time is right to stroll and chat,

To have our time together.

Suddenly I saw .
Really saw,
Not with my eyes
But from deep within,

That, not only were we
Walking in the forest,
We were
Walking through Autumn!
Not that we were surrounded by autumn
In all its flaming colour,
Russet and golden yellow,
Greens and browns,
Washed in high airy light,
Its drawing to itself
Of flora and fauna,
Settling down to rest
After summer’s riot.
But that we were actually in it !
Walking through autumn !!
Not that autumn reflected us
Or mirrored us .
Nor we it .
But it was us and
We were it .
Totally at one !
Walking with Autumn !!

( c ) Billy Dunphy 22/10/14


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