For the poet the word is king.
Not only heard and spoken and seen,
But  touched, tasted and savoured
All in equal measure.

Emotion’s food !
Spirit’s nourishment!
Food for feelings!

I know a poet
Who, when he was small,
Threw a ball
Against a wall
Because he loved
The word :


By doing that
He saw and felt and heard
The word.
The word became
Real, you see.

Oh how that little boy
Loved the way
The word made him feel !

Texting one time,
I wanted to say to her
“ It’s wonderful ! “
However predictive text
Gave me,
In a fat finger moment,
The word:


It was perfect!
I rejoiced in it!
Swallowed it whole!
I have sung it to myself
For weeks now.
Reveling in its beauty
And accidental rightness!
Examining its myriad meanings!

Like a child with a new toy,
I love the way
The word made me feel!

( c )  Billy Dunphy   13/03/15


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