St. Patrick’s Day Afterthought.

I’ve never bought into the whole St Patrick’s Day carry on. Can’t stand it. You know what I mean – the leprechaun hunting, Darby O’Gill watching, faith and begorrah roaring, shamrock wearing, beer swilling, parade marching, jigs and reels lepping, back clapping, cringe inducing idiocy that seems to have become part and parcel of our national holiday over the last number of years.
Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the craic and will swallow pints of Guinness as joyfully as the next man. I can sing the song and dance the dance as well as anyone, but spare me the plastic Paddywhackery trotted out on March 17th every year.
No, Viv and I stayed at home yesterday and had our own celebration of the national day. We listened to Irish music : Rory, Sinéad, Van, Phil, U2, Dolores,Luke.

Luke Kelly – Song for Ireland

We watched videos of Irish comedians and had to help one another off the floor after watching American talk show host Conan O’Brien rampage around Ireland.

Conan O’Brien – Guinness brewery

Then we rounded off the day with a feast of traditional Irish fare: pizza with garlic bread and salad, washed down with lovely Italian wine !
Just saying !!

( Today isn’t Monday I know but, Mini-Post Mondays are all about the thoughts, stories, quotes, etc. that aren’t quite long enough to make a real blog post. I plan to post a mini-post for next Monday !
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