” So Billy ! What are you going to do with your time ?”

15 days ago I was nominated by johnjzokovitch for The Daydreamer Award. I must say I was very chuffed and pleased to be nominated, so ….. thank you John !!

John can be found here : http://johnjzokovitch.com.  I fully recommend a visit as I really enjoy his postings.

John’s challenge/question/prompt to me was to : ” Tell us about something that is happening in your life right now that is really challenging you, making you stretch and grow ? “

” Wow ! ” , was my first reaction. Where would I start with this ? I asked for time to think and consider, but really it should have been very obvious. I retired in Aug. 2013 after 37 years teaching. Those years flew by, as have the 19 months since retirement, as have the 15 days since John’s nomination. It’s frightening really how rapidly life moves on. Not only the years and months, but also the days and weeks.

Very often I get up on a Monday morning with some kind of a plan for the week ahead and before I know where I am, it’s Friday with little or nothing done. I might say to myself ” I’ll ring the folks or my sons today, ” then I blink and it’s three days later. We buy blinds for the windows and two weeks later they are still lying upright in the corner. Very often it’s last minute stuff with me. I might know days, weeks or even months in advance about a deadline, but I’m often to be found under pressure to meet it –  at the last minute. Birthdays, insurance renewals, hospital appointments. Doesn’t matter. Caught out by time !

So really, I think my greatest challenge at the moment is the passage of time – my time, my life. How best to spend it? How to use it wisely and profitably? These are my burning questions at the moment.

For most people Jan 1st is the beginning of a new year. Oddly enough for me it was Feb 1st this year. Apart from retirement, my life has been very chaotic for the last number of years and now that some issues have been resolved I have time to ” retire .” Feb 1st was when I started putting effort into my retirement. I started to do the things I wanted to do.

I attended the pre-retirement seminars organised by my teaching union, where we were told that we were entering a new phase of our lives in which we have more time to spend on ourselves, time to do the things we had always wanted to do. Colleagues, friends and family wished me well for the future and all invariably asked :

” What are you going to do with your time ?”

Invariably my answer was : ” Nothing. I’m going to retire. ” That answer of course did not tell the whole story, as very often I was answering someone who thought I should have a definite plan of campaign mapped out for myself. Well I never have and I certainly don’t intend to start now. Or unbelievably the inquisitor sometimes thought I should have other work lined up ! In case I got bored ! Bored !! Don’t make me laugh. I knew that ” stuff ” had to be dealt with, as real life does not end on retirement. I knew that it was not all rosy in the garden … yet.

To the few who cared or were genuinely interested, I revealed my as yet unformed plans for developing whatever talent I have for art, music, poetry, photography and whatever else might come along. So Feb 1st was the starting date of Billy’s retirement proper and a major player in that has been this blogging site, which I now see as a kind of platform for my endeavours.

So to return to John’s challenge/question/ prompt, I think my biggest challenge at the moment is how to use my time in my retirement. Well as I’ve said I’ve begun my retirement so watch me stretch and watch me grow .

According to the rules of the The Daydreamer Award I am to nominate other bloggers and set them a question. So I nominate :







And the question being :

” Which international story is impacting on your thoughts, feelings or life at the moment ? “



  1. Thank the person who gave you the award – THANK YOU  John !
  2. Complete the challenge they set you.
  3. Select a blog or blogs that you want to give the award to. The amount of blogs you select is unlimited! 
  4. Tell them about it and send them a challenge.
  5. Please include the rules in your post.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. cbecker53 says:

    Thanks, queasypaddy! I am honored!


  2. jjz3 says:

    Loved learning this about you Billy. Glad that your retirement is including writing, and especially the poetry. You honor me with your response here. Many thanks!


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