The Company I Keep !!

New poems from me are short on the ground at the moment, so I want to share one I wrote a number of years back. As I recall, I was sitting in the back garden late at night, smoking, drinking beer and looking at the stars. I had watched a documentary on Francis Bacon earlier and read some poems by Sylvia Plath afterwards. And obviously my bedtime reading at the time was ” Lord of the Rings ” !

This poem just wrote itself in a few minutes. I love when that happens 😉


The Company I Keep

So here I am
At 2 o’clock
In the a.m.
Of the night !
I drank some beer
And smoked some fags,
In the moonlight
Watched the stars.
Sylvia Plath
Is on my lap,
Francis Bacon
Filled some time
And before I sleep
I’ll travel far
Through Tolkien’s
Middle Earth !
Here on my own
I wonder at
The company I keep !!

(c) 03/11/09


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