Today’s Tarot

Over the last number of weeks I have tried to get into the habit of pulling three cards for myself on a daily basis with the intention of learning the Tarot. I also intended sharing the cards and my interpretation of them. However this is my first posting on the subject. Perhaps a little introduction might be in order.

My partner, Vivien, is a Tarot consultant and I am becoming more interested in the subject myself. She has often done readings for me over the years we have been together and I have always found them positive and helpful. Hense my interest. Viv is building her own online Tarot consultancy course ( 3.7 million views and 6,000 – 7,000 visitors daily !! ) which can be found at:

Vivien is extremely busy with, and stressed by, a digital technology course she is, thankfully, coming to the end of, so I am doing my study myself as I know she has enough on her plate. However we do talk over dinner about the cards I pull, with Viv asking for my interpretation of  them and she giving me her’s. ( I generally do not use her site as it is too advanced for me and anyway why bother, when she is sitting beside me at the table !!)

The books I use are ” The Tarot Revealed ” by Paul Fenton-Smith and ” Spiral Tarot ” by Kay Steventon.

They can be found at:

Apart from learning the Tarot, I also use my readings to help me understand and deal with a very stressful situation relating to my elderly parents. Dad (90) ended up in hospital on Easter Sunday with mobility problems and was finally discharged last Friday week. Mam (89) has had to deal with a lot of change and as a result has been under a lot of stress. She has her own issues to deal with which have added to the mix. The past two months, therefore, have involved hospital visits, numerous phone calls, meetings with health professionals, a lot of stress, tears and mixed emotions.

As I am a complete novice I restrict myself to the two books mentioned above, chats with Viv and the following question:

” What do I need to know today ? ”

The three cards I pulled today are as follows:

The Hanged Man


Two of Pentacles

In brief, my reading is that Death signals a change which must be accepted so that new life can begin. It is not to be feared. The Hanged Man is waiting serenely while this change occurs around him. I could not see how the Two of Pentacles fitted the reading so I pulled another card:

The Devil

The Lovers are bound by the Devil in chains that can easily be lifted. It is an illusion of captivity. The Juggler is frantically trying to balance his emotions, plans, finances. No need. All will be well.

I would like to have added more to my interpretation but time has beaten me again!

If any of you reading this would like to add your interpretation please feel free to do so.


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