Today’s Tarot

As I usually do, while shuffling the deck, I asked the question ” What do I need to know today ? ” I pulled the following three cards:


The Magician

The Queen of Swords

Temperance speaks of balance. With one foot in the water and the other foot on the land, the angel balances the spiritual, emotional side of our nature with the solid practical down to earth side. The Magician, with one arm pointed heavenwards and the other pointed towards the earth suggests the same. Before him on the table are all the tools he needs for the task in hand. The ย Queen of Swords sits on her throne, head above the clouds, having cut herself free from emotional bondage with her sword, is ready for an intellectual approach to her problems.

That’s all very fine what’s it to do with me ? While keeping a clear vision of what I want and while putting in place practical plans and executing them, I also need to be aware of ย the higher aspect of any action.

Oh God that sounds dreadful, but inside of me I have some idea of the message of today’s cards. As usual with the cards it is a positive and encouraging message which I need to allow to seep into my subconscious as the day unfolds.

If you have any thoughts on the cards, please feel free to share them.


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