Today’s Tarot

As always the question was:

” What do I need to know today ? ”

And the cards were:

The Seven of Cups

The Three of Wands

The King of Swords

My reading of those cards is that; plans I have put in place logically and carefully ( the King of Swords ) for Dad’s welfare, are moving ahead as they should and as a result I can take time to stand back and reflect ( the Three of Wands ). I need to look inwardly Β and try to ascertain what it is I need on a spiritual, emotional, personal level (the Seven of Cups ) .

For a number of weeks now the cards I’ve pulled have been directing me towards the need to be practical and efficient, while at the same time I need to balance that with the inner life of thought, emotion and spirit.

For example I pulled the Hermit recently which ties in very well with today’s card, the Seven of Cups. Both indicate the need for reflection. The King of Swords from today is of course closely related to his Queen from yesterday, both of whom deal with planning and intelligence rather than pure emotion.

The character standing on the hilltop in the Three of Wands encapsulates all of the above. He is standing, watching his fleet sail by, safely on course. He does not have to be aboard, as all is in place, overseen by his trusted captains and their crews. He can stand back from the action and take stock of his own personal situation, preparing himself for what tomorrow may bring.


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