Today’s Tarot

” What do I need to know today ? ”

An interesting reading !

King of Cups

Ace of Cups

King of Swords

When I saw the two Kings, I thought to myself : ” Wow, the big hitters are in today !! ” I consulted with my books.

As I understand it, the Kings are in charge of what’s happening, driving things forward with purpose. Clear decisions taken intelligently, make for good progress. The King of Swords appeared yesterday but today he is joined by the King of Cups who adds more emotion to his clear cut, logical decisions. Again the balance spoken of in my previous reading.

The Ace of Cups adds the extra dimension of spirituality to today’s reading . Action, emotion and spirit all combined in one.

So what does all of that actually mean for me? Keep going Billy. Keep on keeping on and try to keep balance in your life.

What can I say ?

One Universe. One Earth. One People. One Spiritย 


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