Today’s Tarot

Some days I find it hard to write anything. Some days life gets in the way. Some days I just couldn’t be bothered. So I realised this morning that writing about the Tarot cards I pull gives me an opening into writing something. If you like – a platform. An impetus. A starting point. A topic.

Also it helps me with my learning about the cards. As you see, I only pull three at a time. For an experienced reader this would probably be very limiting. But for me, it’s enough to be going on with. Writing about the cards is helping me to focus on them and what they have to say. My limited knowledge would not be able to deal with any more at this time.

I’m beginning to realise also that it is a form of meditation, as the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, that come to me from reading about the cards, stay with me throughout the day. Perhaps it’s making me more mindful.


” What do I need to know for today ? ”



Ten of Swords

From what I’ve read balance is to the fore yet again today. Temperance and Strength both speak of the need to acknowledge my upper and lower self and to strike a balance between them in my actions and dealings with others and with situations.

The Ten of Swords indicates the end of something, but the light in the distance offers the hope of a new beginning.

I possibly should write more, but time is up.

Let’s see what happens !!


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