” Just write, God damn it !! “

I finished reading the wonderful ” H Is for Hawk ” by Helen McDonald a number of weeks ago. It is her memoir of the year following her father’s sudden death, during which, being a falconer, she bought and trained a goshawk. No mean feat, especially while grieving !

I won’t dwell on the ins and outs of the book as this blog is primarily concerned with the poem written below. All I will say is I found the book enthralling, compelling and educational and heartily recommend it.

So what’s the connection between book and poem ? I get extremely tense, uptight, frustrated, down, when I don’t write for a time. When nothing seems to be happening within me to cause me to write, I can become very despondent. While feeling like this recently, I began forcing myself to write something, anything in fact. The voice inside of me began screaming:

” Just write, God damn it !!”

And so I did and was amazed at the influence ” H Is for Hawk ” had on me 🙂

Hawk Words

What hope do words have

Of  breaking free and taking flight

When thoughts are elusive

And inspiration dries ?

When my soul curls up

And hides itself

In it’s hard to access secret place ?

I feel within me their

Straining of the jesses,

Seeking to fly above and beyond

The restriction of my arid brain.

I feel their pulse, power, energy,

The frustration of their captivity,

The impotence of the silence

Imposed upon them by the

Failure within the brain-dead human

By  whom they are restrained.

And for them I weep dry tears of

Vexation, anger and puzzlement !

And truly rejoice,

Amazed when they fly free.

( c ) Billy Dunphy  25/08/15


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Karuna says:

    Wow. This is so powerful. I’m glad you wrote about your experience. I imagine the writer part of you feels much more peaceful now, having had the opportunity to be heard.


    1. queasypaddy says:

      Thank you Karuna. It was good to get it out there. Peace is out there somewhere also. Still searching though.

      Liked by 1 person

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