The Lord’s Prayer ….. ( Rewritten )

I found this lurking in the bowels of my laptop’s memory. I don’t remember what caused me or drove me to write it but I do remember it issued forth in one outpouring of some unknown emotion. With little editing I present it to you.

(I remember the first time I saw ” The Last Waltz ” and being amused by Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s re-writing of the “Lord’s Prayer”. Perhaps that was sloshing around in the backwaters of my brain leading to this.)


Our Father

( or Mother, as  the case may be).

(On second thoughts, I should  begin …..)

Our Parent,

This is our Heaven!

Your name has been hollowed

As Your Kingdom came and then went,

‘Cos Your will isn’t needed on this Earth,

(Nor in Your heaven apparently ).

We have our daily bread, all day, everyday

( food without end ! ! Alleluia ! ! Amen ! !)

And as we don’t trespass (there is no guilt), forgiveness is also unnecessary

( but  thanks, anyway, for the offer,  along with the bread).

But God help those (this is where You come in!)

who fuck with us.

We do not need to be led into temptation

as  it is all around us and we embrace it willingly.

We see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

And “Deliverance” was a great movie

( if somewhat graphic ).

We Are The Men and The Women.

So Be It.

©Billy Dunphy  4/5/14


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