Answering the call of the sea.

Today’s blog was instigated by reading this short poem on a site I enjoy following:

Viv and I live in landlocked Kildare. Nice and all  as it is, we crave the sea. Both of us have an affinity with the ocean. For many decades, even before we met, the Atlantic, the Blasket Islands, West Kerry and Dingle loomed large in both of our lives. Unfortunately efforts to buy a house in that area came to nought.

At the moment we are busy packing up here to move lock stock and barrel to the house I bought last year in West Cork. Happily it is on the newly designated ” Wild Atlantic Way ” , three kilometers from the beach, within sight and sound of the ocean. At night the beam from a nearby lighthouse flashes across the sky.

We have yet to spend longer than a couple of weeks there, but during the Summer just passed, we decided that now was the time to move, so the big move is on. There is a lot to do yet, but the wheels are in motion.

Wish us luck !

Here are a few lines I put together relating to the above, the title of which may or may not include a new verb introduced by me into the English language !


The land lubber’s life
Is not for me.
I can feel in my blood
The surging sea.
So I’ll pack my bag
And bid farewell,
Binding my fate to
The ocean’s swell.

( c ) Billy Dunphy 06/09/2015

And as an extra bonus, here is one of my favourite songs, sung by one of my favourite singers : Luke Kelly, with the Dubliners, singing ” Farewell to Carlingford. “


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