New Year “resolutions” 2016 ( part one)

The first Monday of the New Year has arrived and I feel that this is the day when my New Year begins. Generally speaking I hate New Year with its attendant hoopla and fuss. I never really got it. I just saw it as the end of a year and not the promise of something better. I gave up making New Year resolutions years ago because I invariably failed to keep them and I got fed up dealing with the guilt.

However this year is different because a change is needed in my life and I’ve been building up to it over a long period. I’ve felt the need for it and I’ve wanted it to happen for a long time now.

I’m taking a break from alcohol !

I’m ready to do it just as I was ready to quit smoking a number of years ago. I can still remember my last cigarette and I remember knowing that it would be my last as I was totally ready to quit. I wanted to quit and that was the difference between trying and actually doing it.

It’s the same with alcohol. I want to take a break and this now is the time to do it. Not to do so now would be a very retrograde move as I have been building up to this moment, this decision, over a very long time, a number of years in fact. So here I am standing in the glow of a new dawn. Wish me luck !


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  1. williekeegan says:

    Well done! Not an easy decision to take, with all its social implications. I opted for that route about 3 years ago, and, surprise surprise, the world didn’t stop!


    1. queasypaddy says:

      Thanks Willie. I hope to blog about it regularly. Let’s see what happens. It should be an interesting journey !


  2. kakingsbury says:

    I enjoyed reading your detailed account how your first week went with your decision to take a break from alcohol. I want to try the same thing – just haven’t decided when I want the break to begin. Okay – maybe I decided but then couldn’t do it. I will enjoy following your success.


    1. queasypaddy says:

      You can only do it when you really want to, so I wish you luck when you do decide take your break. I find the evenings difficult, but feel so good the next morning when I know I’ve successfully ticked off another night.


      1. kakingsbury says:

        Yes – it is always the “glass of wine when I get home from work” that soon becomes half a bottle. I took a break once before -No wine November – and I had a lot of headaches the first week or so but then it got better. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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