Today’s Tarot Reading

It’s many months since I’ve posted a tarot reading. ( It’s many months since I’ve posted anything !) In fact I’ve only recently returned to pulling cards for myself on a daily basis – another facet of my life that needs to be resurrected in order to bring back some form of balance, control and power.

As I am a novice in this area I limit myself to drawing only three cards at a time in order to illuminate the answer to the question:

“What do I need to know for today ?”

I find that reading the cards is a form of meditation, a method to enable me to reflect on what’s happening to me and around me.

I pulled the following cards yesterday, the first day of my break from alcohol :

The Wheel of Fortune

The Eight of Swords

The Ten of Swords

The Wheel signifies the changes inevitably brought about by life. We are up. We are down. Nothing ever stays the same. Perhaps sometimes we cannot control what is happening to us. Other times we can take charge and instigate change. I feel that is precisely what I am doing.

The woman in the eight of swords is bound and blindfolded, hemmed in by the swords. However her feet are not tied and with some effort she can loosen the ties restraining her. Although the man in the Ten of Swords is brought low by the swords seemingly impaling him, on the horizon is the light of a new dawn. There is hope for both characters which is what I feel for myself. Bound and brought low, there is still life. There is still hope.


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