Today’s Tarot

Today’s three cards are interesting. (They always are !) The question as usual was :

” What do I need to know for today ? “

Uppermost in my mind at the moment is my break from alcohol and the cards I drew certainly addressed that decision of mine. They were as follows :

The Seven of Swords

The Tower

The Chariot

” Don’t give up ” is the message of the ย Sevens in the Tarot . The character in the Seven of Swords through stealth, guile and secrecy is making sure his plans and ambitions come to fruition. He has an active mind and is not afraid to think outside the box if his initial plan or preferred way of doing things is not leading to the desired result. I’m in the early days of my plan but I have to be open at all times to whatever changes I need to make to it to make it come to fruition.

The Charioteer is being torn between two opposing forces, perhaps emotional and practical. He needs to rein both in, to take control, in order to move forward. My break from alcohol will require me to do likewise.

The Tower indicates the change I need to make. The sudden bolt of lightning brings the Tower crashing to the ground, casting it’s occupants from its lofty height. However, they are not cast to their doom, but rather to freedom – freedom from the narrow confines of the Tower. My decision to take a break from alcohol was a long time coming but it began suddenly last Monday and rather than being destroyed by it, I already feel at times that I am soaring rather than falling headlong to destruction.



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  1. jeanette says:

    I think your tarot category is great! I’ve tried to learn on my own, but I don’t always remember what the ‘not so obvious cards’ mean. Thanks for sharing your readings.


    1. queasypaddy says:

      Thanks Jeanette. I’m only learning myself and I use two books which l mentioned on one of my earlier posts. Also my partner, Vivien, is a tarot consultant with her own site : truly teach me tarot. You might find that helpful if you check it out. I do !

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