Dear Sister.


What do I want to say dear sister ?

What do I want to say ?


That the wind and rain ceased today

And small clouds sat in a clear blue sky ?

That the air on cheeks, gently pinched,

Was crisp, wintry fresh and clear  ?


What have I got to say dear sister ?

What have I got to say?


That all around were joyful birds

Singing from bush and tree ?

That beneath bare branches, beginning to peep,

Were the snowdrop and the daffodil ?


What do I need to say dear sister ?

What do I need to say ?


That as I walked across the Bridge,

The things we had to do being done,

The Suir flowed quietly, glassy calm,

Reflecting clear our city’s lights ?


What do I ache to say dear sister?

What do I ache to say?


That all the while life moves on

Though you are gone two years.

That you should know we try our best

To mind the folk you loved so dear.



About queasypaddy

I am a musician, sometime poet and songwriter, a budding artist and a separated, retired primary school teacher, in a happy relationship which is caring, sharing and supportive.
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8 Responses to Dear Sister.

  1. tdmullane says:

    Beautiful, Billy. A great tribute to a great person

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  2. Wanderlets says:

    Your beautiful poem has brought me to tears. My 8 years younger than me sister died 4 years ago and there is so much I ache to say. I never tried while she was alive and thus every day is as if she died yesterday.

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    • queasypaddy says:

      My sister was 9 years younger than me. I moved away, went to college, married, got on with life,all while she was growing up and getting on with her life. I just wish I had more time with her and, consequently, more memories of her.


  3. midimike says:

    Amazing. I can feel this poem!

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  4. Beautiful and touching. 🙂


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