New Year ” resolutions ” part 5

So, what I did was, I bought a six pack ……….

of Diet Coke. I’ve never done that in my life before but it’s the weekend and though I got through Friday night ok, Saturday was proving problematic. From ’round about noon on, I could feel the tension inside myself plus the lump in the throat. I spent the afternoon outside washing windows and cleaning up around the garden. Not to distract myself you see, but it’s just that there were jobs that needed to be done, the rain was holding off and I was grasping the chance as it presented itself. However over the hours, the niggling thought of a drink – free night was intruding on me. Not constantly you understand, but often enough to be annoying. I had no intention of having a drink, but I didn’t relish the thought of sitting twiddling my thumbs either, especially on a Saturday night !

So, yea, down to the shop to buy a few things we went and, as I got out of the car, the brainwave hit me : buy a packet of tortillas and some Coke for after dinner, Billy ! Β ( Diet ‘cos you’re diabetic remember .) Any craving I had disappeared immediately and I knew I had hit the jackpot as far as relaxing for the night was concerned. To have something in my hand to sip while watching Netflix was the answer. And so it proved.

What can I say ? The weekend. Alcohol free. For the first time since I had flu,( not man – flu, real flu, 2009 ) no drink on either Friday or Saturday nights. Sunday night as well obviously, but this is Sunday so no problem now. I did have a few moments earlier. Nothing that a brisk walk in the forest didn’t sort out. I’m nearly finished with the weekend and it has been a success. Earlier in the week I had seen it as another hurdle to cross, but here I am unscathed. One day at a time seems to be the way to go. No point in thinking or stressing about the weekend when it’s still Thursday ! Friday can be taken care of while Saturday waits. Saturday comes and Sunday can take a ticket and wait its place in the queue. Now its Sunday and a whole week has gone by leaving me feeling good about myself.

Alright !!!!



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