New Year ” resolutions ” part 6.


And so here we are, Wednesday of week two of my break from alcohol. Both Monday and Tuesday this week have been interesting due to the fact that I found them very difficult. I thought that having survived the weekend intact, this week would be a doddle. All I would have to do was turn up, so to speak. Not so. Not so at all. Monday was particularly difficult. I found myself battling for most of the day with the thought of having a drink as per usual later on. I tried my usual techniques, but to no avail. However I got through it. In fact, once we sat down to dinner, everything calmed down and it was plain sailing for the rest of the night. Tuesday was not as bad, but it did have it’s moments and again, once we sat down to dinner there was no more annoyance. Today, Wednesday, is going fine.

So, ten days on the dry and what do I have to show for it ? What are the positives ? What are the benefits ?

For a start I feel much more positive about myself. I was getting very down over the fact that I was beginning to fear that I wasn’t able to control my drinking. I hate the thought of being powerless in the face of something. That was a major reason for giving up smoking. I hated the idea that I was being controlled. So I feel I’m taking back control of an area of my life that seemed to be slipping away from me. Self empowerment is a phrase that comes to mind. Not a bad thing at all.

What about the promise of better sleep ? Well I’m not sure. All I know is I am exhausted every day and am more than happy to get to bed early, where sleep comes pretty easily and after a few early mornings last week, I seem to have slept better for the last few nights. Is that due to the lack of alcohol in the system ? I don’t know for sure, but I think we can safely assume it does help enormously.

Increased energy levels ? Don’t make me laugh ! I feel exhausted every day as mentioned above. I don’t get it. You would imagine that with less toxins in the body, improved sleep and more daily exercise, I should be bounding around the place. ‘Fraid not ! Nope ! I’ll give it another few days and then think about the doc …. maybe …. you know, being a man and all !!

Finances ? Yea. I’ve spent less, which is not the same as saying I have saved any money. There are always other demands on my pocket but I suppose there is money there that would not have been there otherwise. ( How many “theres” is it possible to put in one sentence, without making it unintelligible or ridiculous ?)

How am I physically ? I’ve probably lost a little weight, though I don’t plan to weigh myself ’til the end of the month. I was 12.5 st last Monday week at the beginning of this adventure, so perhaps there will be a surprise in store. Liver ? Internal organs ? No idea. Fingers crossed.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. edgeekgirls says:

    Thanks for sharing your journey. Not an easy one. Your struggles apply to so many of us who are trying to reshape our life’s to be more healthy and live our lives more fully. Keep going. You can do it!


    1. queasypaddy says:

      Thank you for your comment.Keep on keeping on is the way to go.


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