Today’s Tarot (i)

It was yesterday when I pulled these cards, not today, but I didn’t have time afterwards to reflect on and write about them. Also I was somewhat lost with them. Kings always throw me, as do the other court cards. So I took out my books and read up on them. Also,Viv, who is a Tarot consultant, saw them and threw in a free consultation for me ! Happy days.

So what have we got in response to the question:

” What do I need to know for today ? “


4_ PentaclesKing_CupsKing_Wands

The character in the Four of Pentacles is holding on dearly to his possessions. They are under his feet, in his heart, on his mind. He can be seen as a miser, locked into his own misery. I don’t have enough money to be a miser, but I am trying to sort out my bank account. I am trying to live within my means. I don’t really have a choice in the matter due to the fact my means are so meagre !

The King of Cups is sitting holding a goblet in his right hand. He enjoys his wine, his comforts. However, like the King of Wands, discipline has brought him to the throne and even though both kings are different in character, they both have that discipline and sense of purpose which  has bestowed power on them.

So for me the cards are very positive. They confirm me in my actions as regards my finances and my break from alcohol. I know cards are not needed to confirm good, beneficial actions that are essential, but it’s a boost.

There ya go. Short and simple 😉


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