Bob Marley and Me


I’m sharing this link to Instagram because I have an Ovation guitar same as Bob. Do you see the guitar case in the upper right corner ? It’s like the case for my guitar. So that’s how I know 😊

I bought it second hand in a small music shop in Tallaght years ago. It was battered and obviously well used but sounded great. I wonder is it the same guitar ? Could be ! Now that would be amazing !

He played in Dalymount Park, Dublin, years ago. I could have gone but I didn’t. Perhaps he left his Ovation in the dressing room after the gig and eventually it made it’s way to that little music shop in Tallaght and I walked in one day and bought it and now I play it occasionally but not as often as I would like.

I also used to have a football but not the same as his.I never had dreadlocks.

We used to play ” Three Little Birds ” at gigs.

Bob and I have a lot in common.
Except he’s dead ‘n’ I’m not.

Sad that he’s gone. Glad I’m not though.



About queasypaddy

I am a musician, sometime poet and songwriter, a budding artist and a separated, retired primary school teacher, in a happy relationship which is caring, sharing and supportive.
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5 Responses to Bob Marley and Me

  1. midimike says:

    I wish the video was of you playing the song!


  2. How awesome would that be 😊 Bob Marley was my teenage youth – and now my 4 children are also massive fans of his music and teachings. His legacy lives on ❀


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