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Is This a Poem ?

  What a strange time. What a strange place to be. Within me . Without me . Floating and sinking at at the same time. Feeling deeply . Not feeling at all. Holding back. Letting go. Reaching out. Curling into … Continue reading

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Today’s Tarot

” What do I need to know for today ? “ It’s Tuesday, March 29th and I am sitting here trying to put a post together, struggling against lethargy, tiredness, procrastination and a general feeling of being washed out. I … Continue reading

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I Will Break These Chains That Bind Me

Originally posted on Simple Living Over 50:
It has been two years since I started this mission to get back in good health. I quit smoking, started working out and changed my diet to eating from nature. In the last several…

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Flanders 1914 – Brussels 2016

There is so much I want to say that I am almost speechless. Brussels, Paris, Ankara, Istanbul, New York, Baghdad, Aleppo…………….. The list goes on and no doubt will be added to before any form of a solution is found. … Continue reading

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World Poetry Day March 21st (Yesterday !)

If I’d known I’d’ve written a poem !

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Damburst of words. ( What if ? )

What if words came flowing out ? What if things unsaid flew from me ? What if the dam burst and All I felt and held Screamed and flowed and tumbled free ? Oh Jesus what if ? What if … Continue reading

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