Flanders 1914 – Brussels 2016

There is so much I want to say that I am almost speechless.

Brussels, Paris, Ankara, Istanbul, New York, Baghdad, Aleppo……………..

The list goes on and no doubt will be added to before any form of a solution is found. Solution to what ? Well you may ask. I don’t know where we can even start nor what it is we can hope for, nor what it is we should be aiming for ….

peace? harmony? understanding? reconciliation? common ground? healing? revenge? annihilation? hatred? destruction? suspicion? fear?

There’s another list that could go on and on and again I don’t know anymore what should be uppermost in our minds and aims. I don’t even know who “we” are anymore. Who are “they”?

So….just for today I want to share Luka Bloom’s beautiful song “Isabelle”, he imagining a child in Belgium in 1914, innocent and free, totally unaware of the firestorm rushing towards her.

What lies in wait for our children ?


” Isabelle was a dreamer

Unaware of passing time.

She’d walk the fields ’til evening

Creating melodies and rhymes.

Far away from Flanders

Men were mapping out a war ”

(Luka Bloom)



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