Is This a Poem ?


What a strange time. What a strange place to be. Within me . Without me . Floating and sinking at at the same time. Feeling deeply . Not feeling at all. Holding back. Letting go. Reaching out. Curling into a ball. Smiling . Frowning. Laughter and tears. One begetting the other. Neither elation nor depression. Flatness. Emptiness. Forgetfulness recalling all. Memories for what they’re worth. Priceless dreams. Hopeless realities. Pulling it all together and letting go. Faces and names .Floating past yet real to themselves. Where are you tonight ? Where were you today and yesterday ? Where are we now ? We are where we are . We can be nowhere else. This is our time. This is all we have. Let there be no regrets. Let there be no time lost. Let there be no love spurned. Let us be.


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