Facebook Warriors (a little doggerel)


Come all you Facebook warriors

And listen to my call !

Millions of us proud and strong

Sitting,typing, doing fuck all !

Come all you Facebook heroes !

Stand strong and be counted !

Because we know all the answers

Attacks from us are mounted:

On any one or any group

Who try to fight for change,

Or right the wrongs in our closed world

And stray within our range.

Come all you Facebook warriors !

Come lend to me your ear.

Because we are anonymous

We do not have to fear :

The backlash of intelligent

Portrayal of truth and fact.

Nor do we fear PC’s brigade.

We’re shielded from attack.

Come all you Facebook patriots !

Contributing courageously,

To the well of crass intolerance

Safe inside of cyber sanctuary.

Come all you Facebook statesmen !

Replying, sharing, posting.

Let’s raise a glass and drink our health !

Fighting fearlessly in hiding.

Billy Dunphy  (c) 2016




2 Comments Add yours

  1. bdearg says:

    So accurate. Great stuff!


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