2013-11-24 12.53.47

Ya can keep yer priests

Yer rabbis too.

All yer mullahs, imams,

Yer atheistical crew.


Politicos and terrorists,

Who raise the flag

Of sect and country,

Leave me to my crag.


You’ve all the answers

Expounded with certitude.

Vomiting words

‘Times eloquent, ‘times crude.


I for one know nothing

With absolute certainty.

In spite of 61 years

And so-called maturity.


Mine is a world impermanent.

Changing winds and shifting sands,

Sub-atomically universal

In ever-changing strands.


Where the ebb and flow

Of life and death

Keeps me in awe

Of the depth of breadth.


Preachers of knowledge,

Religion and non.

Ya leave me cold.

Con layered on con.


So I’ll live to the end

Searching and asking.

Expecting nothing and all,

‘Til I’m finished, still wondering.


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  1. bdearg says:

    Very nicely put!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. queasypaddy says:

      It says your site has been deleted !


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