Facts, Figures, Statistics and Lies.



I listen to the radio a lot. Discussions, phone-ins, talk shows take up a lot of my ear-space. I also read newspaper articles, many on-line. I read the comments on them, whether it’s directly or on social media. Facebook, Twitter and so on keep me delving into news items and keep me up to date with what’s going on in this country or world-wide.

I hear a lot of facts, statistics, percentages, thrown around  by commentators or people putting forward their side of whichever argument is being belted out and I just want to say:


I’m not sure how many more facts, figures and statistics I can bear. There are just so many that I can’t hear myself think anymore. Politicians, as you would expect, are among the worst offenders. No matter what decision has been made, no matter what they are proposing, no matter what cock-up they are trying to defend, the facts, figures and statistics are trotted out ad nauseam.

The thing is: we all know when we are being lied to. A blatant lie is easy to recognise, but very often facts, figures and statistics are cherry picked or manipulated to muddy the waters and to befuddle us. And they are all at it.

Give me peace !!


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