Hi ! My name is Billy. I retired at the end of August 2013, after 35 years of primary school teaching. I enjoyed the work and interacting with the kids, but increased red tape, paperwork and rediculous expectations sucked the joy out of it. When the opportunity to retire presented itself, I grabbed it with both hands. It was time to move on and to begin afresh.

I began blogging a number of years ago but life, as they say, got in the way and my early attempt fizzled out and stopped. ” Life “, in the form of separation/divorce, moving house and eventually acquiring a new property, retirement, illness ( affecting myself but mostly the ones I love ), caring for and worrying about my elderly parents, had taken over my life. My fresh beginning seemed to come to a halt.

I am a musician,a song writer and a poet, with a great interest in photography.Β I began drawing and painting a number of years ago thanks to the encouragement of my lovely partner, Vivien. Retirement was meant to be a time when I could devote myself to those pursuits and in doing so, develop my potential, as I had tried to do for so many years with my pupils. I felt mounting frustration at not being able to do so. I have returned to blogging to take control of my life and to build a platform for myself.

Life for the last number of years has been emotionally,physically, mentally and spiritually exhausting. A roller coaster of a ride which is beginning to slow down somewhat and as a result I feel now is the time to refocus before any more of my time is frittered away .

So this blog will provide a platform, a release, for my outpourings whether artistic, musical or personal. A buffet for you to pick and choose from.

Please help yourself and let me know what you think.




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  1. jjz3 says:

    Hi Billy, I just nominated you for The Daydreamer Award. You can find all the info at this link: http://johnjzokovitch.com/2015/03/11/the-last-time-i-laughed-at-myself/ (my response to my nomination from another blogger). Feel free to respond to my challenge question in verse, photos, whatever suits you. Really enjoying following you. Thanks!


    1. queasypaddy says:

      Thanks for the nomination. It has given me pause for thought . leave it with me to digest ! Glad you’re enjoying what I’m putting up. Thanks .


  2. You are an awesome man, Billy, as fighting through the vicissitudes of life and not getting to knee down in mediocrity and self-denial is the stuff of the true hero along this journey of ours. We all get to take it, but few care to keep their soul young and growing when the weather gets stormy. I particularly loooved your poems for reflecting so well your love of nature and of our untainted origins… I could so easily identify and find myself in all of them.


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