Damburst of words. ( What if ? )

What if words came flowing out ?

What if things unsaid flew from me ?

What if the dam burst and

All I felt and held

Screamed and flowed and tumbled free ?

Oh Jesus what if ?

What if ? What if ? What if ?

Would I be free ?

Would I feel the sweet release and tumbledown ?

Where would I then be ?

Who would be with me ?

Who could embrace the flowing me ?

Who could float with the flotsam and jetsam ?

Could I ?

Me ?

Myself ?

I ?

( c ) Billy Dunphy 02/03/2016

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The Old Man !

Skipping between radio stations yesterday, I happened upon this song. I’ve always loved it and I suppose I always knew the day would come when I would hear it for the first time after Dad’s death. Yesterday was that day. Continue reading

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Winter has come.

Last night you passed away
From us and so
My grief for you
Begins today. Continue reading

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New Year ” resolutions ” part 9

Image result for writing quotes

So here we are . It’s Thursday already and I have nothing written all week. Been busy, writing has been on my mind a lot though. On my mind. Not on the page. Didn’t know where to start . Didn’t know what to say nor how to approach what it was that needed to be said.

I’ve been on a break from alcohol since the first Monday of January because Continue reading

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Bob Marley and Me


I’m sharing this link to Instagram because I have an Ovation guitar same as Bob. Do you see the guitar case in the upper right corner ? It’s like the case for my guitar. So that’s how I know 😊

I bought it second hand in Continue reading

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Crashing through the night,
My train brings me closer, Continue reading

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New Year ” resolutions ” part 8

Ok . It’s been nearly a week since I’ve sat down to write about my continuing break from alcohol. This period of ” non- blogging ” was not planned. It just happened that way. However all the while thoughts were running through my mind as regards what I would write about, what I would share, my thoughts feelings and so on. I did not abandon you, sweet blogging site.

So what’s been happening on my journey ? How have I been coping ? Have I had any amazing insights ?

First thing to say is Continue reading

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No Shame

Source: No Shame

I was in visiting my Dad recently in the nursing home which is now his home. No doubt his last on this earth. I found it very emotional being there, seeing him as a shadow of himself and I was driven to writing a poem about him.

I’ve already posted and shared that poem and now I want to share this one written by the poet Paul F. Lenzy whom I follow on his site ” Poesy plus Polemics .” I was blown away by it, as it reflected a lot of what I had seen and felt visiting my Dad on his 91st birthday.

Simply click on the source above and you will be brought to his site.

Enjoy ( and explore ) !

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Today’s Tarot (ii)

” What do I need to know for today ? “

The MagicianThe EmperorDeath

The Magician and Death both Continue reading

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Today’s Tarot (i)

It was yesterday when I pulled these cards, not today, but I didn’t have time afterwards to reflect on and write about them. Also I was somewhat lost with them. Kings always throw me, as do the other court cards. So I took out my books and read up on them. Also,Viv, who is a Tarot consultant, saw them and threw in a free consultation for me ! Happy days.

So what have we got in response to the question: Continue reading

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