Post Father’s Day ’17

This isn’t a post about Tarot. It’s a sort of catch up I suppose. I wrote the piece below, which is bracketed and in italics, in late January 2016 shortly after visiting Dad in the nursing home. He died alone there a few days after that visit

The Old Man !

Skipping between radio stations yesterday, I happened upon this song. I’ve always loved it and I suppose I always knew the day would come when I would hear it for the first time after Dad’s death. Yesterday was that day.

Winter has come.

Last night you passed away From us and so My grief for you Begins today.

No Shame

Source: No Shame I was in visiting my Dad recently in the nursing home which is now his home. No doubt his last on this earth. I found it very emotional being there, seeing him as a shadow of himself and I was driven to writing a poem about him. I’ve already posted and shared…

New Year ” resolutions ” part 4.

Nothing posted yesterday as I spent the day with my brother doing stuff for our parents, who are both quite elderly. Dad is 91 and now in a nursing home and Mam, while she is 89, still lives at home but needs a lot of help dealing with banks and bills. So that basically is…

On Your 91st Birthday, Dad.

  You lie in the bed, Dad, Nodding and sleeping. Waking, Fearful and confused, Barely speaking, Lost and quietly

Father’s Day

I was on the phone today to wish my Dad a happy Father’s day. He said he’d do his best . He’s 90, two weeks out of hospital and not great – to put it mildly ! My son was on the phone today to wish his Dad a happy Father’s day. ‘Twas great, as…

Today’s Tarot

As always the question was: ” What do I need to know today ? ” And the cards were: The Seven of Cups The Three of Wands The King of Swords My reading of those cards is that; plans I have put in place logically and carefully ( the King of Swords ) for Dad’s…

Today’s Tarot

Over the last number of weeks I have tried to get into the habit of pulling three cards for myself on a daily basis with the intention of learning the Tarot. I also intended sharing the cards and my interpretation of them. However this is my first posting on the subject. Perhaps a little introduction…