Gigging in the Sky.

Yesterday morning started off with watching this video, one of my favourites of all time. Nothing like a great guitar riff to start the day. Great singing, guitar solos, bang on drumming. And that bass !!

New Year ” resolutions ” part 7

We’ve all had that reaction at some stage over the years. I’ll never forget the time way back, probably in the 70’s, when I didn’t drink for a few months after having suffered one horrific hangover. The incredulity and slagging I had to endure was mind-blowing. Some people just could not accept it as a…

New Year ” resolutions ” part 5

So, what I did was, I bought a six pack ………. of Diet Coke. I’ve never done that in my life before but it’s the weekend and though I got through Friday night ok, Saturday was proving problematic. From ’round about noon on, I could feel the tension inside myself plus the lump in the…

Freebirds Haiku

I was sitting one evening last Summer,  looking out over the sea,  as the sun was beginning to set, when I spotted a flock of seabirds flying out from the land and out over the sea without hesitation or hindrance. FREEBIRDS Seabirdsflyingtight. Notforthemtheshacklesof Landsearestriction.  Copyright Billy Dunphy    15/05/2014

Keep on……

We all want, we all need , to be free. There are many elements at home, abroad and internationally who want to curtail our freedom. Let’s all join in with this song and sing it loud and sing it proud !!