Somewhere in the night My Black Dog waits for me. Catching me unawares In the morning As I rise, Completely unprepared For his slobbering attention. I can only let him Have his fun with me And wait ’til He lies exhausted from his play. (c) 30/07/17

A Falling Leaf.

Nor guilt nor grief Shall torment me When in the ground I lie. For

Is This a Poem ?

  What a strange time. What a strange place to be. Within me . Without me . Floating and sinking at at the same time. Feeling deeply . Not feeling at all. Holding back. Letting go. Reaching out. Curling into a ball. Smiling . Frowning. Laughter and tears. One begetting the other. Neither elation nor…

Damburst of words. ( What if ? )

What if words came flowing out ? What if things unsaid flew from me ? What if the dam burst and All I felt and held Screamed and flowed and tumbled free ? Oh Jesus what if ? What if ? What if ? What if ? Would I be free ? Would I feel…

Winter has come.

Last night you passed away From us and so My grief for you Begins today.


JOURNEY HOME Crashing through the night, My train brings me closer,

No Shame

Source: No Shame I was in visiting my Dad recently in the nursing home which is now his home. No doubt his last on this earth. I found it very emotional being there, seeing him as a shadow of himself and I was driven to writing a poem about him. I’ve already posted and shared…

Dear Sister.

  What do I want to say dear sister ? What do I want to say ?   That the wind and rain ceased today And small clouds sat in a clear blue sky ? That the air on cheeks, gently pinched, Was crisp,Β wintry

The Lord’s Prayer ….. ( Rewritten )

I found this lurking in the bowels of my laptop’s memory. I don’t remember what caused me or drove me to write it but I do remember it issued forth in one outpouring of some unknown emotion. With little editing I present it to you. (I remember the first time I saw ” The Last…

” Just write, God damn it !! “

I finished reading the wonderful ” H Is for Hawk ” by Helen McDonald a number of weeks ago. It is her memoir of the year following her father’s sudden death, during which, being a falconer, she bought and trained a goshawk. No mean feat, especially while grieving ! I won’t dwell on the ins…