The Old Man !

Skipping between radio stations yesterday, I happened upon this song. I’ve always loved it and I suppose I always knew the day would come when I would hear it for the first time after Dad’s death. Yesterday was that day.

Winter has come.

Last night you passed away From us and so My grief for you Begins today.

Father’s Day

I was on the phone today to wish my Dad a happy Father’s day. He said he’d do his best . He’s 90, two weeks out of hospital and not great – to put it mildly ! My son was on the phone today to wish his Dad a happy Father’s day. ‘Twas great, as…

” Ride On, See You ! “

Eimear Walsh Olivia Burke Niccolai Schuster Eoghan Culligan Ashley Donohoe LorcΓ‘n Miller I listened with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye to the John Murray show on RTE 1 Radio this morning. His guest was the singer-songwriter Jimmy McCarthy, from Cork. Together they presented a moving and deeply sensitive programme…

Waving goodbye.

I’ve brought Mam and Dad to visit Anne Maria’s grave any time I could. I would get out with Mam and spend some time remembering, perhaps praying, tidying and talking quietly. All the while Dad would sit in the car. We could park beside the grave and getting out is now too awkward for him….